Counter Series

Counter Series

General Specifications

Hot Plates and Open Top Burners

Cast-iron lift off two piece burners for easy cleaning, rated at 30,000 BTU/hr (8.79 kW) each.

Top grate supports located every 12” assuring the cooking top’s structural integrity.

Spill-proof pilot ignition system eliminates pilot outages and hazards associated with exposed pilots.

Individual 12”x12” (305 mm x 305mm) cast-iron top grate per section.


GriddlesManual and Thermostatic Griddles

Available in 5/8" and 1" plate options.

Spatula width grease trough, large capacity full depth grease container and 4” plate rail

One heavy-duty cast-iron H-Type burner per 12” section; rated at 30,000 BTU/hr.

Each 12” section is controlled by a valve.

Each 24” section is controlled by a thermostat (1 thermostat per 12” section also available).


Char Rock BroilerRadiant & Char-Rock Broilers

One heavy-duty cast-iron H-Type burner per 12” section; at 30,000 BTU/hr.

Each burner is specifically baffled to reflect usable heat away from the drip pan and into the cooking zone

Heavy cast-iron Radiant’s with multiple heat sinks retain heat, minimize recovery time during peak periods, and protect the burner from blockage and flare-ups. Two (2) radiant’s per burner on radiant broiler

High quality lava rocks on cast iron supports provide maximum heat retention for excellent broiling on char-rock broiler

Spatula width grease trough



Two alloy steel wire mesh infra-red burners rated at 20,000 BTU/hr per burner

Each burner is individually controlled with its own standing pilot

365 square inches of rack space

Rack has 4-positions

Available as a range mount, counter mount and wall mount



Four rack positions

One nickel plated shelf sized to model width

Rapid-Fire ceramic infra-red tile burners: 20,000 BTU/hr or 30,000 BTU/hr or combination of the two, depending upon model width

Available as a range mount, counter mount and wall mount



StockpotStock Pot and Jet Stock Pot

100,000 BTU’s/hr 3-Ring Cast-Iron burner per 18” width unit

135,000 BTU’s/hr Jet- Burner per 18” width unit

Fully stainless steel exterior

Two infinite heat controlled valves per stock pot section

Jet stock pot controlled by one infinite heat controlled valve

Heavy duty one piece cast-iron grate, specifically designed to handle constant use

Continuous pilot for instant rapid fire ignition

Full width drip tray


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